Collaborate Ultra Layout

The Main Screen

Main screen tools

Tools that appear in the main space relate directly to what is happening in the session at that moment. Tools also depend on the permissions moderators set.


  1. Audio: Turn your audio on. Lines through the microphone icon means that it is turned off. Select Share Audio to turn it on. You can also use a keyboard shortcut by pressing the Alt and M keys simultaneously to turn your microphone on and off.
  2. Video: Turn your video on. Lines through the camera icon means that it is turned off. Select Share Video to turn it on. A keyboard shortcut of Alt + C keys also turn your camera on and off.
  3. Hand raise: Raise your hand to answer a question or get another moderator's attention. Select Raise Hand or use the keyboard shortcut of Alt + H.
  4. Collaborate panel: Open the Collaborate panel for recording, dial-in information and help.
  5. Session menu: Open the Session menu to chat, view participants, share content and adjust settings.
  6. Status: Show your status as away. Point to the green checkmark by your avatar image and select Set as Away. SelectI'm back! when you return. You can also update your status to give feedback during the session.

Session Menu

Tools and features you use only once or twice during a session are conveniently grouped here.

  1. Start a recording: Moderators can start and stop recording the session from the Session menu.
  2. Use your phone for audio: Get a dial-in number and unique PIN to use your phone for audio during a session.
  3. Report an issue: Report an issue with the session.
  4. Tell me about Collaborate: Open tutorials on how to use Collaborate.
  5. Blackboard Collaborate help: Go to Blackboard Collaborate help on
  6. Leave session: Exit the session and complete a quick survey to tell us about your experience.
  7. Close: Close the Session menu.

Collaborate panel

  1. Chat: Chat with everyone in the session.  You may also have the option to chat with moderators or with specific attendees.
  2. Attendees panel: View the list of attendees. You may also see information about their connection, control what options are available to them, and chat with them directly.
  3. Share Content: Moderators and presenters can share a blank whiteboard, an application or their desktop, PDFs, PowerPoint® presentations, and images in GIF, JPEG and PNG formats.
  4. My Settings: Add a profile image, set up your audio and video and your notifications.
  5. Close: Close the Collaborate panel.