Editing Audio/Video Settings

Open the Collaborate Panel

Click on the gear icon to open the My Settings tab in the Collaborate Panel and then click on Audio and Video Settings to expand this section.

If you would like to use your phone click "Use your phone for audio" to access the phone number and generate a unique pin for you for the current session.

To use your device click "Set up your camera and microphone"

Setting up your Microphone

  1. The purple bar represents the volume level of the currently selected microphone as you speak.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select a microphone.
  3. If the purple bar is not moving when you speak return to the dropdown and select a different microphone if available. Click the "No - I need help" button if you continue to have issues.
  4. If the microphone is working, click the "Yes - It's working button" to proceed to the next step.

Setting up your Webcam

  1. A preview of your video feed will appear here.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to choose from available webcams.
  3. If you are not seeing your video return to the drop-down and select a different webcam. Click the "No - I need help" button if you continue to have issues .
  4. If everything is working, click the "Yes - It's working" button to return to the session.