Post a file to share with your students

(e.g., PowerPoint presentation, article for students to review)

Watch the video below or follow the steps under the video.

1. On the left side of the screen, click on the area in the course where you would like to post the file (e.g., Course Documents).

2. Click Build Content.

3. Click Item.

4. In the Name field in the Content Information section, type the title you would like displayed in Blackboard for the document.

5. In the Text box, enter a more detailed description of the file or instructions.

6. In the Attachments section, click Browse My Computer.

7. Open your file.

7.1. Click on the name of your file.

7.2. Click Open.

8. Optional: If you would like to restrict when students can access the file, select the date and time in the Display After and Display Until sections.

9. Click Submit.