Change the title of your course

By default the Course Name consists of: the calendar and semester code, the subject code, the course code, section number, and abbreviated title. For example, 20109:123:456:78:IntroToBb9 translates to calendar year 2010, fall semester (0=winter, 1=spring, 7=summer, 9=fall), subject 123, course 456, section 78, Introduction to Blackboard 9.1. As an instructor, you can change your Course Name. This is helpful when you are teaching a Topics course and you would like the Name to reflect the specific topic covered.

1.1. Go to the Control Panel module to the left of your page.

1.2. Click on Customization.

1.3. Click on Properties.

Click on Properties.

2. Submit the changes for the properties of your course.

2.1. Click in the Course Name field to change the title of your course. You may also make any changes to the other properties of your course such as the description, the availability, and the duration of your course.

2.2. Click Submit at the top or bottom right.

 Click Submit at the top or bottom right.