How to Create a Test

Save yourself from bubble-test nightmares by using Blackboard to simplify creating and administering exams.

Watch video below or follow the steps under the video.

Getting Started

1. Click on your course name in Blackboard.

2.1. Go to Control Panel.

2.2. Click on Course Tools.

2.3. Click on Tests, Surveys, and Pools.

3. Click on Tests.

4. Click on Build Test

5. Enter Test Information.

5.1. Type the name of the test.

5.2. Enter a description for the test.

5.3. Type the instructions for the test in the Instructions field.

6. Click Submit

Adding a Multiple Choice Question to a Test

1. From within the Test Canvas, click on Create Question.

2. Click on Multiple Choice.

3. Enter the question in the Question Text box.

4. In the Answer boxes, type in the answer choices.

5. To indicate which choice is correct, click the button to the left of the correct answer.

6. Click Submit.

7. Once you have added the last question, click on OK in the lower right corner.