Add module page

1. Click on the section of your course where you would like to add a module page.

2. Hover your mouse over Build Content, and select Module Page.

3. Enter Module Page Information.

3.1. Enter a name for your module page.

3.2. Provide a description for your module page.

4. If you would like to grant your students the ability to personalize the module page, check the box next to "Permit Users to Personalize the Page."

5. OPTIONAL: In the Standard Options section, you may limit availability for when your students may access the module page.

5.1. Click the box next to Display After and enter the date and time that the module page will be available to students.

5.2. Click the box next to Display Until and enter the date and time after which the module page will no longer be available to students.

6. Click Submit at the top or bottom right of the page.