Import a course

An Import package is a .ZIP file of exported Course content. Importing a package into an existing Course copies the content of the package into the existing Course.

Note:  Never upload an Exported Course package that has been edited since it was created and downloaded. Opening the .ZIP file and changing any of the files in the Exported Course package will result in unstable and unpredictable behavior when the Course is imported.

1. Navigate to "Import Package / View Logs."

1.1. Go to Control Panel.

1.2. Click on Packages and Utilities.

1.3. Click on "Import Packages / View Logs."

2. Click Import Package.

3. Click Browse to upload the course package from your computer.

4. In the "Select Course Materials" section, click Select All and all the choices under that will be checked. All the course materials checked off will be imported.

5. Click Submit at the top or bottom right of the page.