Setting up the Grading Options in Qwickly

There are three Grading Options in Qwickly

  1. No Gradebook Column
  2. Total Points - Define and give a total number of points that attendance will be worth.
  3. Per Session - Define and give a total number of points that will be earned per session

You'll start by going into the Qwickly Settings to set or adjust your grading options.

Once you are in Qwickly Settings, scroll down to Grading.

  1. Choose the method of grading you would like to use by checking and selecting the circular box next to that option.
  2.  You may also change the grade center Column Name and the points associated with your grading method by clicking inside the white boxes and typing the name and points.
  3. Choose whether or not you'd like be able to view Unavailable students. Check off the box if you'd like to.

Once you have made all changes or updates you'd like. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and select Save Settings.