How to set up the Student Check In Feature in Qwickly?

The Qwickly Attendance tool allows you choose whether or not you want to manually take attendance or to have your students check in on their own, from their mobile devices or computers.

If you opt to use student check-in, you can decide to require a 4-digit pin that your students must enter when checking in.

In order to to set up the Student Check In feature, you must go into the Qwickly Settings.

In your course access the Attendance link you've previously installed.

Click on Settings

Scroll down to Check In.

  1. Select Require PIN or No PIN
  2. Click inside the white box and type the number of minutes that you will allow students to check in.

Note: You can always end the check-in period early.

After you have made your selection, scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and select Save Settings.

After your settings have been saved, a confirmation will pop up at the top.

Click on the return link at the top, you will be taken back to the main attendance page.