New Box View Inline Grading in Blackboard

Blackboard's Inline Grading tool now takes advantage of Box technology providing better performance for you and your students as well as support for new file types including image, video, and audio files, which can be viewed or played in the browser, instead of downloading them. With this technology, you will be able to comment on, highlight, and annotate your students' submissions in a similar manner to the way you did with the former inline grading software.

What do students see? After you grade assignments, students can view their scores on their My Grades pages. They can also select the assignment in the course to review their submissions, your feedback, and their grades.

Note: The New Box View currently DOES NOT have the following functionality:

  1. Download submissions with annotations - currently only the original submission can be downloaded.
  2. Edit comments - currently comments can be removed or replied to, but not edited.
  3. Summary of comments to the side of the submission - students can use the tab key to move between comments to make them easier to find.
  4. Strike-through option - workaround is to use the drawing tool.

Please note that students will not be able to view your highlights and comments until you have posted the grade.

To begin, click Grade Center from the grey Control Panel on the left below the red course menu and then Full Grade Center.

Select the student's submission by first clicking on the options menu and then clicking the Attempt.

To use the "drawing annotation," first click the pencil icon.

Use your mouse or stylus to "draw" your annotation and click Save (or Delete to remove).

You will remain in Drawing Annotation mode until you click Done.

If you want to remove a Drawing Annotation, first make sure you are out of drawing mode by clicking Done if needed. Click on the drawing annotation and then select Delete from the pop-up menu.

To add a Point Annotation, click the comment icon at the top of the screen.

Click within the document where you would like to insert your Point Annotation, type your comment in the field, and click Post.

You can delete a Point Annotation by first hovering your mouse over the comment icon and then clicking the trash icon.

You can reply to a Point Annotation by first hovering your mouse over the comment icon, typing in your reply, and then clicking the Post button.

You will remain in Point Annotation mode until you click Close.

Students can see these annotations by rolling their mouse over the icon. They cannot reply to or delete annotations.

To highlight text in yellow, select the text with your mouse and then click the highlight icon when it appears. You can also add a comment to the highlighted area by clicking the comment icon to the right.

It is recommended that you use point annotations along with your comments, instead of commenting using this method, so that students are aware that comments are present.

To review a comment, hover your mouse over the highlighted area. You can also reply to the highlighted comment by typing in the reply field and clicking the Post button.

To delete a comment associated with a highlight, hover your mouse over the highlighted area and then click the trash icon. The highlighting is deleted as well.

The highlighted area will appear in yellow.

Students may view comments by rolling their mouse over the highlight. Like point annotations, students are not able to reply to highlighted comments, either.