Collaborate Ultra Basic Chatting

In addition to audio and video, you may also communicate with other participants using chat.  This tool is enabled by default for sessions but this can be changed by an instructor for all sessions through the Blackboard Learn interface using Edit Room.  A moderator can also enable or disable this option for the current session  by going to the Collaborate Panel and then My Settings and adjusting Session Settings.

At this time, you cannot export the chat history nor is it included in any session recordings.  In addition, the chat only displays up to 50 messages at any given time.  If you need to preserve the chat history, you will need to peridically copy and paste it to a word processing application such as Word or Notepad throughout the entire session.

Click on the purple tab at the bottom right to open the Collaborate Panel.

Click on the Chat tab denoted by a bubble icon at the bottom of the Collaborate Panel if it is not already displayed.

The Chat tab will open within the Collaborate Panel.

Moderators have the ability to chat privately with other moderators by clicking on the drop-down menu at the upper right.

Emojis can be added to chat text by clicking the smiley face icon.


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