Collaborate Ultra Adding a Profile Picture

Collaborate Ultra gives the user the option to add a profile picture.  If you've already loaded an avatar picture within Blackboard Learn, it is not carried over to  Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.  Please note that the image is stored locally on your computer so if you use a different a computer or device to access Collaborate Ultra, you will need to reload your profile picture.

To get started, access your Collaborate room directly from within your Blackboard course by first going to Tools or Course Tools and clicking on Blackboard Collaborate.

Click on Join Room to start the session.

Click on the blank avatar icon on the bottom of the screen to open My Settings.

The Collaborate Panel will open on the right to the My Settings tab.  Click on the blank avatar located at the top of that panel to the left of your name.

  1. Click on the Upload section to locate and select an image file or drag the file from your computer to the grey area.  You can also take a photo by using Capture Photo from Camera if you have a built-in or attached webcam.
  2. Click Save.

You will be able to crop the picture uploaded. When ready, click the "I Like It!" option to continue.

You will see your new profile picture located at the top of the panel.

  1. You can select the Checkbox option Always use this profile picture so that it is stored on your computer and you will not have to re-upload it.  If you use another computer or device, you will need to reload it.
  2. Click Save to finish adding your profile picture.  If needed,  you can click the Remove link and select another picture.


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