You should see this page once you click on the conference tab.

To create a new conference click on +Conference.

Once you have click on the icon you should see this page.

Create a title for the conference in the course you choose.

Determine how long you want the conference to be.

You have the option to enable recording for this conference and for there to be no time limit for longer conferences.

You can also add a description so individuals viewing can know what the conference is about.

You have the option to invite everyone in the course to view the conference or select certain people to view.

Once you have finished these steps click on the blue update icon on the bottom right.

Once you have clicked on the icon it will bring you back to the conference tab. You will see the conference you made and click on the start button.

Once you clicked the start icon you should come to this page.

Here is where you can enable audio, share your webcam, and open screen share published window.

Here is where you can view the users and see who is joined.

If you choose to end the conference early go back to the conference tab in canvas and click the end icon.